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My name is Aarti. I have done Masters in Business Administration with Majors in Human Resource and a degree in Law which equipped me to have a more than a decade of corporate experience in the same field, dealing with people from different countries, cultures, traditions and mindsets. This exposure gave me an understanding that no matter which part of the world a person belongs, one thing remains the same, that is “HUMAN EMOTIONS”

What an interesting background for a healer, you may be wondering, right?

Well, I was into meditation and spiritual practices from a very young age. It was something natural to me, as natural as breathing. One fine day, as I was present in the moment, doing nothing, a voice told me, “YOU ARE A HEALER.”

That was when my spiritual journey took a leap. Tarot came to me as a gift from the Divine and I accepted it gracefully. After I started learning Tarot, I realized that I have a bigger purpose in life than just being a part of the corporate. I acknowledged that calling in me and left my corporate job so I could focus full-fledged on learning the esoteric modes of healing. This allowed me to reach out to more and more people. Eventually, I was inspired to give this gift from the divine a name and a purpose: THE EARTH ANGEL HEALING


Leading You Towards Holistic Life.

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Get a better understanding of:

  • Both the personal and professional Relationship struggles
  • Desires related to Career, Business and general Goals in life
  • Get insights about Finance, Property (house or land)
  • Clarity on pursuing any ART form or any creative idea in life
  • Learn more about spiritual growth
  • Get direct Yes or No answers to all your queries
  • Enrol in Learning tarot card reading yourself
Meditation & Counselling


  • Get clarity and awareness in your thoughts
  • Cleansing, Healing & Energizing Chakra
  • Removing Blockage & Negative Belief System
  • Enhance your memory power and concentration
  • Boost your self-confidence by removing negative self talk.
  • Improve your vibrational frequency to attain better mental peace
  • Find better ways to cope with relationship and behaviour issues
  • Remove mental struggles and phobia
  • Learn ways to manage stress constructively in life
Life Coach

Life Coach

Get assistance for:

  • Realistic expectations along with rational self-evaluation
  • Better understanding and clarity of mind through change in the thought process
  • Find better ways to express your true self
  • Empower your mind and body through positive self-talk
  • Learn to manage stress due to any uncertainty of life
  • Remove anxiety and insecurity due to Negative/Over Thinking
  • Finding Your Life Purpose


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