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How do I pick the cards if the cards aren’t in front of me? Doesn’t an accurate tarot reading require a physically present tarot reader who is intuitive? And doesn’t a good tarot reading need someone who can draw together the connections between the cards and build the story?

Generally, such questions arise when someone brings up the fact of online tarot readings. Everyone gets highly skeptical. But the fact is online reading is as accurate and as connected as any human-generated reading.

Few online tarot card readers will opt for computer shuffle and select the cards for you, while others allow the user to virtually shuffle and select the cards from the deck. There is typically no difference between that and having a ‘real person’ doing it. It is the same energy that is being channeled into the cards.

There are generally two types of online tarot reading interpretations. One uses the computer to shuffle and select the cards, then get a ‘real tarot person’ to interpret the reading. In this type, the interpretations of the cards withdrawn are accurate, focused, and intuitive. The other is a computer-generated interpretation of the individual cards. This is useful if you just want a basic reading.

How accurate are online video call tarot readings?

How accurate a sitting depends on the experience and expertise of the person who does the reading. If they are experienced and reputable they will offer you quality reading. If they are one of those who scam and just advertise then the reading will not only be inaccurate but can be harmful.

Benefits of online video call tarot reading

With pandemic around, the advantage of online tarot reading is that the one picking up the cards and the reader neither needs to be in the same physical place.

Many people assume that by receiving an online tarot reading they might get carried away and that the tarot takes complete control. That’s not true. Just because you opt for the online option, your reader is not controlling your reading. Online readings are still interactive. Tarots need to read the energies you are giving, so you have control as well.

Online tarot readings can be done in several different ways, so it is important to find a tarot that is right for you. A good reader will take the time to get an understanding of your situation, your expectations for the reading, and the kind of support you need.

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